Plant Profile: Angelonia Serena Purple

I’m in love with an annual. It doesn’t produce food to eat and it dies when the cold weather arrives but I still love it. It’s Angelonia Serena Purple. It’s clear purple flowers are stunning in containers or when paired with other sun loving annuals or perennials. Look at the blooms.

angelonia serena


I can hear the oohs and ahhs from here. Stunning, am I right? The Angelonia Serena series reaches 12″ to 18″  tall and is perfect for the front of the border. You can use them in a clump as a specimen planting or interplant them with other annuals and allow them to mingle. In the picture above, they are used in large containers with Canna ‘Tropicanna’ as the centerpiece. They anchor the lower portion of the container and provide great balance. Here’s a picture of the planter to give you an idea:

angelonia serena


As a side note, I’m really digging the purple and orange theme this year. The Angelonia Serena series comes in a range of colors including purple, lavender, pink and white. One of the most attractive features of Angelonia is that they don’t require deadheading. They just bloom and bloom until a good frost takes them out. Plant them in full sun or very light shade and they will reward you with blooms all season.

Have you grown Angelonia before? Many people aren’t familiar with them but I hope that you will give them a try if you haven’t in the past. Leave me a comment below or e-mail me about your experience. If you enjoy being part of the Mid-Atlantic Gardening community, join our e-mail list (upper right hand corner of this page), become a fan on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Happy gardening!