Seed Starting 101 Part 4: A Week in the Life of a Seed


So last Sunday, February 26, I sowed my first flat of veggie seeds for the season. In Part 2 of Seed Starting 101, we looked at exactly how I did it, from washing the flats to prepping the Jiffy pellets to sowing the seeds. As a wrap-up to the week, I thought we would look at what the seeds have been up to since then. Here we go:

DAYS 1 & 2

Here is the flat just hanging out…nothing to see here…move along

seed starting


I’m not sure if you can make it out but there is a little white dot at the bottom of the seed. That is the radicle, the first part of the seed to emerge. These are all broccoli seeds by the way.

seed starting


Now we’re cooking with grease! The seedling’s first leaves are preparing to unfold.

seed starting


Imagine my surprise to come home from work and see these beauties waiting for me! It’s amazing how quickly a seed can grow in 24 hours.

seed starting


Here are the babies today. Still growing strong and ready for the world.

seed starting

Here is a picture of the cabbage babies that have really started coming around in the last 24 hours.

seed starting

And the onions are just starting to germinate.

seed starting

The eggplants, asparagus and cauliflower haven’t germinated yet but that’s OK…they will in due time. I hope that you have enjoyed this Mid-Atlantic Gardening seed tour today. Let me know what seeds you are growing this year by leaving me a comment below or e-mailing me at Happy gardening!


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2 thoughts on “Seed Starting 101 Part 4: A Week in the Life of a Seed

  1. How are you watering this? Do you have any moisture holding cloth below the pellets? I assume you water from the bottom and let the pellets soak up the water? Also, do you start them on a heat mat and cover them initially? – or just start out with the moisture and lighting immediately? Thanks, Lisa

  2. Lisa, I use flats that don’t have drainage holes in them. I add water (usually with a Mason jar) and wait for the water to be absorbed by the pellets. After a few minutes, I dump out the extra water.

    I don’t use a heat mat but I do start them inside where the ambient temperature is 71 degrees. I don’t like to cover them with the plastic greenhouse domes; to me they hold in too much humidity and don’t allow the soil to dry out at all. My lights are on 16 hours per day from the time I sow the seed until they go outside.

    I hope I’ve answered your questions…if not, let me know and I’ll try again 🙂

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