Pests and Diseases: June Bugs

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Just a quick note for those who live in Virginia: those big green beetles that are flying around a couple of feet off the ground are June bugs. They’re not hornets, Japanese beetles or cicadas. And yes, people have asked me if what they are witnessing is an invasion. Rest assured that it’s not. The recent heavy rains have stimulated the bugs to get their rear ends out of the soil. And don’t stress over them…they don’t bite although they will leave a mark on your forehead if they fly into you (don’t ask me how I know!). Chemicals aren’t necessary. They generally are gone before you can reach for the pesticides.

Their life cycle is very similar to Japanese beetles and they can cause damage to your turfgrass. If you want to treat for them, follow the recommendations that I made in this article on Japanese beetles. Or you can just plant more perennials…or vegetables…or shrubs…or trees.

Let me know the funny things that you’ve heard regarding June bugs. My all-time favorite was the concern that they were hornets. If I ever see that many hornets, all you’ll see of me is my tail lights as I pack up and leave. 🙂 Leave me a comment or e-mail me. Don’t forget to like the Facebook page and follow me at Twitter. Happy gardening!

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5 thoughts on “Pests and Diseases: June Bugs

  1. These beetle bugs were great growing up! This is a true story. Growing up in the country we had little to do often played in the grass. We found these all the time! The color is striking bright green! My grandpa would take these and tie a string on the leg of these June bugs and we would fly them for an hour and let them free. The next day we would do it again. We alwYs thought we had a green beetle for a unique insect pet! True story! I still look for them today.

  2. How many are “too many” green June Bugs? Will the cause any damage to the garden? Should I DE them or not?

    • That’s really a matter of preference. They won’t cause as much damage as Japanese beetles. I happen to enjoy watching them hover above the ground and don’t make any effort to kill them. The birds LOVE them!

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