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Happy Friday everyone! I had Monday off of work but those 4 days of work sure felt like 5! I have some exciting news to share. Clayton Jacobs of Deeply Rooted Organics has been generous enough to send me a Soil Cube to review for you all. I am hoping that I will be able to get to it this weekend and post the full review in the next few days. Super exciting!

There seems to be quite a bit of news as it relates to gardening so I thought that we would take a step back and examine some of these items. Let me know if this type of post is interesting to you; if I don’t receive positive feedback from you all then this may be the one and only post of its type! 🙂

You may or may not have heard about The Senator in Florida. No, it’s not a real person but it was a 3500-year-old bald cypress tree that burned to the ground on Monday. It’s believed to have been struck by lightning in the upper part of the tree and then the fire spread to the rest of it over the course of a couple of weeks. While it is devastating, I’d rather lightning take out the tree than the arson that people suspected soon after the fire. You can read more about it here.

While this isn’t fresh off the wire, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about the dangers of Imprelis, a DuPont turf herbicide that was touted as being environmentally friendly while killing weeds in cool season lawns. It turns out that Imprelis was also capable of killing trees whose roots were in the lawn. This has turned into a class action lawsuit against DuPont…read more about it here.

February seems to be THE month for gardeners of all types to come together for meetings. Here is a sampling of events that are going on in the Mid-Atlantic region next month:

  1. Virginia Biological Farming Conference – February 10-11 – Richmond, VA
  2. Central Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association Short Course – February 8-10 – Richmond, VA
  3. Brookside Gardens presents Green Matters: Urban Farming Pioneers – February 24 – Wheaton, MD
  4. Horticultural Society of Maryland presents Perennially Inspired – February 25 – Towson, MD
  5. Today’s Horticulture at Longwood Gardens – February 3 – Kennett Square, PA
  6. Pennsylvania Garden Expo – February 24-26 – Harrisburg, PA
  7. New Jersey Flower and Garden Show – February 16-19 – Edison, NJ


I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the exciting gardening events that are scheduled for the next couple of months. If you know of an event that is coming up in your area, post it in the comments section below. Happy gardening!



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