Friday Free For All: Your Garden in 2012


I’ve decided to name the Friday posts for the website “Friday Free For All” since we have set topics for every other day. In case you haven’t noticed, Monday is the Did You Know? posts, Tuesday is for Pests and Diseases, Wednesdays consist of Plant Profiles, Thursdays are for Reader Questions, and Friday is now the “Free For All” posts where we’ll cover all the other fun gardening topics that we didn’t get to the other four days.

Since 2011 is quickly coming to a close, I thought that we should look at what your plans are for 2012 in the garden. Perhaps you are looking to add a compost pile in the backyard or expand your veggie garden. Let’s look at a list of things and see how many you are willing to take on in the upcoming year.

  1. Start a compost pile
  2. Expand your existing compost pile so that you can turn more of your scraps into black gold
  3. Add vermicomposting (worm composting) which can be done under your kitchen sink
  4. Start a vegetable garden
  5. Expand your vegetable garden
  6. Plant a container of herbs or other veggies if your space is limited
  7. Add perennial veggies like strawberries or asparagus to your garden
  8. Add perennial shrubs like blackberries or gooseberries to your landscape
  9. Add an orchard, even if it is only a couple of trees
  10. Expand your orchard to include other producers like paw paws, pecans, and figs
  11. Add a rain barrel to catch stormwater runoff from your roof that can be used to water your garden
  12. Start your own vegetable, perennial or annual seeds indoors
  13. Build a cold frame that you can use to harden off your seedlings
  14. Add a greenhouse – it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant to get the job done
  15. Add compost to your landscape – if your trying to improve your lawn, add a 1/4″ layer over the top. Remember it’s all about feeding the soil, not the plants.
  16. Add hardscaping like paths or pergolas
  17. Add lighting to your landscape so that it can be enjoyed after sunset
  18. Add plants that will attract beneficials so that they can fight your battles against pests for you
  19. Add a beehive
  20. Add bat houses
  21. Add bird houses, bird baths and/or bird feeders
  22. Commit to using less or no pesticides in 2012


I hope that I’ve given you some ideas to incorporate into your landscape this year. I know that I haven’t thought of them all so leave me a comment below about what you plan to work on this year in your garden. If you’d like for me to expand on any of the above items, send me an e-mail at Have a safe New Year’s Eve. See you in 2012!

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